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Presentation SkillsAdvanced presentations skills training--two versions
Effective Presentations is a hands-on presentation skills training workshop in advanced presenting skills, specifically designed for executives and professionals. Effective Presentations is available in both a 1-day and a 2-day workshop. See a comparison

See immediate and significant improvement in your presenting skills. With either workshop, one thing is certain. The improvement you will experience will be VERY substantial and VERY measurable. And not only will audiences notice a big difference. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable and natural you look and feel and how much more engaged the audience has become.

Effective Presentations skills workshop objectives

In the workshops you will learn how to:

  • Determine the information to include in a presentation (2-day workshop only)
  • Structure your information in the clearest, most engaging manner (2-day workshop only)
  • Capture the audience's attention and keep it from beginning to end
  • Feel and look far more comfortable and confident in front of ANY audience
  • Let the real you shine throughin a TOTALLY NATURAL way
  • Remember everything to say and stay focused, without ever using notes
  • Design truly effective slides and present slides like a pro

    Special features of the Effective Presentations skills training

    You'll get LOTS of practic
    e and feedback
    In the 2-day workshop you present at least five times. In the 1-day workshop, you present three times. Every presentation is captured on your own personal DVD. So that you can see your progress and also get confidential one-on-one feedback—from an instructor with years of presentations experience.

Presentation Skills Training

You'll get a "Presentation Builder" to help you prepare all your future presentations
Every participant in the 2-day Effective Presentation Skills workshop gets a "Presentation Builder". This nifty tool is a specially designed PowerPoint template that has two parts. The first is a step-by-step presentation development tool that makes it easy for you to determine exactly what information to include in your presentation. The second part shows you how to take that information and lay it out in a slide presentation. It shows you slide-by-slide (from the opening slide to the closing slide) what every slide needs to say and how the information needs to be displayed on each slide. And the neat thing about the "Presentation Builder" is that because it's a template, it can be used over and over again, every time you prepare a new presentation.

How the 1-day and 2-day workshops compare
The 1-day presentation skills workshop has two modules: how to design effective slides and how to deliver a slide presentation. The 2-day workshop spends more time on each of those modules and adds a third module on how to prepare a presentation; how to get the right focus, how to determine the type and amount of information to include and how to structure the content of the presentation so that it is easy for the audience to understand and accept. Additionally the 2-day workshop includes more practice. In the 2-day workshop everyone presents (on camera) at least fives times. In the 1-day workshop everyone presents three times.

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Who should take this presenting skills workshop
Most participants are mid-to-senior-level managers and professionals. Nevertheless, the workshops are specifically designed to easily accommodate individuals from virtually any background or experience level.

Customized Effective Presentations skills workshops for every type of presenting situation

You can choose to make your workshop even more targeted by selecting a specific type of workshop (i.e. sales presentations). In these workshops, all the models and concepts focus on the specific type of presentation. Examples and workbook exercises can even be taken from your organization's actual presentation situations. Customized versions of Effective Presentations are available for the following:

  • Financial presentations
  • Product demonstrations / presentations
  • Technical presentations
  • Persuasive presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Information presentations

Presentation skills training workshops are limited to eight people
Both the standard Effective Presentations skills training workshop and the customized presentation skills training workshops can accommodate with up to eight individuals, maximum. This approach ensures ample time for practice and feedback.
Smaller groups and even one-on-one sessions can always be arranged.

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Presentation Skills Executive coaching in presentation skills
One-on-one (or small group) coaching is always available for executives or any others in your organization who need to refine their presentation skills. This coaching is conducted by communications experts who specialize in media training and advanced presentation skills.

Specialized skills training for special situations
Talk to us if you want coaching in specialized skills such as learning how to read a script without looking like you're reading, or staying focused and remembering what to say without using crib notes. Maybe you just want to look and feel confident and professional. Or maybe you just want to become even more dynamic. We can help.

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2-day: $1450

2-day workshops
in Toronto
August 20-21


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